RedGenn Big Sunday Blast

You also think that Sundays are depressing? It is time to change your mind . Dazard presents to you the Network Tournament Series "Big Sunday Blast" by Booongo-Playson: grab your share of 5000 EUR prize pool every Sunday, starting today!

Time left before finish
03 days 09:45:14
Prize Pool
5,000 EUR

Yes, it's so simple! Hurry up and try your luck!

Terms & Conditions
  • The Big Sunday Blast Network Tournament Series by Booongo-Playson will take place every Sunday from 03.03.2024 to 28.04.2024 with following periods:
  • 03.03.2024 2:00 UTC to 03.03.2024 23:59 UTC
  • 10.03.2024 2:00 UTC to 10.03.2024 23:59 UTC
  • 17.03.2024 2:00 UTC to 17.03.2024 23:59 UTC
  • 24.03.2024 2:00 UTC to 24.03.2024 23:59 UTC
  • 31.03.2024 2:00 UTC to 31.03.2024 23:59 UTC
  • 07.04.2024 2:00 UTC to 07.04.2024 23:59 UTC
  • 14.04.2024 2:00 UTC to 14.02.2024 23:59 UTC
  • 21.04.2024 2:00 UTC to 21.04.2024 23:59 UTC
  • 28.04.2024 2:00 UTC to 28.04.2024 23:59 UTC
  • Prize pool is 5000 EUR each Sunday.
  • To be qualified and have a right to claim the prize player should fulfill the following conditions: Minimum Bet is 0,5 EUR AND Minimum number of spins is 100.
  • All points collected during the qualification stage are saved and considered for a player after passing such qualification. Non-qualified players are also shown on the Leaderboard, but stripped in grey until they are qualified.
  • Scoring mechanic: HSRM (HIGHEST SINGLE ROUND MULTIPLIER). Only the highest win multiplier(win-to-bet ratio) is considered. Bet = 2 EUR and Win= 50 EUR (x25 multiplier) Player gets 25 points and this score remains until a higher multiplier occurs.
  • Prize pool distribution:
  • 1st place: 800 EUR, 2nd place: 600 EUR, 3rd place 400 EUR, 4th place: 300 EUR, 5th place: 250 EUR, 6th place: 200 EUR, 7th place: 150 EUR, 8th place: 125 EUR, 9th place: 100 EUR, 10th place: 75 EUR, 11-20th place: 50 EUR, 21-50th place: 25 EUR, 51-100th place: 15 EUR.
  • Participating games: all Booongo & Plays games.
  • By participating in the tournament you agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined here and the ones provided by the operator.
  • Provider holds the right to cancel the tournament for the indefinite term without any payments according to the leaderboard in cases of emergency.
  • Only qualified players can claim the prize (please, check Campaign Details Section).
  • Only real and bonus money rounds (except for free spins) can participate in the tournament.
  • Other than the price to make a spin, there is no additional cost to enter the tournament.
  • Each player will get a personal tournament ID for the leaderboard.
  • If two or more players are tied, those who get results earlier are the ones who get better prizes.
  • Tournament rules can be changed anytime.
  • Malfunction voids all payouts.


Games participating in the tournament:

No games found
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